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All the products used in our studio are of the highest quality and include ...

joico k-pak


Formulated to repair and strengthen hair to help create a great final look that is manageable everyday.

  joico moisture recovery

Moisture recovery

Quench extremely dehydrated hair with Joico’s Moisture Recovery line, featuring the exclusive Hydramine Sea Complex to add intense moisture to overly dry hair suffering from environmental or chemical damage.

  joico colour endure

Color endure

This volumising and thickening Body Luxe is a cutting edge line designed to target fine, limp hair by increasing the diameter of each strand of hair without adding weight.

  joico style and finish

K-pak sun therapy

The Sun Therapy range embraces this whilst combining groundbreaking technology, intense nourishment and protection to make your hair shine in the sun.

  joico style and finish

Style and finish

For state of the art styling to provide incredible design, hold, definition, control and separation for your style look no further than Joico Style.

  joico silk results

Silk results

If you want soft, silky results regardless of your hair type then Silk Results is the answer. Featuring Joico's exlusive Synergistic Silk System TM.

  joico body luxe

Body luxe

This volumising and thickening Body Luxe is a cutting edge line designed to target fine, limp hair by increasing the diameter of each strand of hair without adding weight.

  joico daily care

Daily care

Designed to cleanse, condition and style any hair type, this line is the main stay of the Joico collection.

  Fudge styling products

Styling range

  Fudge shampoos and conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners

  Paintbox and hair colouring range

Paintbox and hair colouring range

  Unleaded range

Unleaded range

tigi bedhead shampoo

Bedhead shampoo

Get truly bedhead hair with this great range of shampoos. All your hair needs will be answered.

  tigi bedhead dumb blonde

Bedhead dumb blonde

Dumb Blonde is a colour care range, not just for blondes but for reds and brunettes too.

  tigi bedhead control freak

Bedhead control freak

Get back control of freaky, unmanageable hair with Bedhead Control Freak products.

  tigi bedhead foxy curls

Bedhead foxy curls

Young, foxy and funky? Get yourself these curl enhancing products from Tigi Bed Head whilst fighting frizz and become the foxy godess you know you are!!

  tigi bedhead styling

Bedhead styling

Whatever your style Tigi Bedhead has designed a styling formula to create truly professional results.

  tigi bedhead conditioners

Bedhead conditioners

Give your hair a real treat with this fantastic range of Bedhead Conditioners.

  tigi bedhead self-absorbed

Bedhead self-absorbed

Chemically treated hair never felt so good than after a vitamin packed treatment from the Bedhead Self-Absorbed range.

  tigi bedhead moisture maniac

Bedhead moisture maniac

All hair types need a treat every now and again so use this Bedhead Moisture Maniac range to add dazzling shine.

Racoon hair extensions can immediately add volume and weight to augment an existing hair style. Using human or synthetic hair, they are a brilliant and dramatic way to completely transform you by giving you beautiful long hair in whatever style you choose. They are also the perfect solution if you simply want to introduce a different effect by adding just a few highlights or flashes of colour.

The transformation starts with a consultation — asking about your lifestyle and your usual care routine. Hair extensions are not an impulse decision and to keep them looking salon fantastic, you need to be committed to looking after them properly. Once we are sure that they're the right choice for you, we will discuss the particular look and effect that you are after.

Once you have your hair extensions, Racoon’s complete range of specially formulated products enable you to cleanse, condition and maintain them while simultaneously caring for your own hair. The products are uniquely designed for this purpose and we strongly advise that you use only these products on your Racoon extensions. Many other shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain ingredients that are incompatible with human hair extensions, particularly with our Standard hair range.

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